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Diverting mattresses away from landfill and incineration

divert2Mattresses are a bulky waste. They currently take up a lot of space in landfill, each mattress requiring the equivalent of 23 cubic feet of air space in landfill. Valuable resources (e.g. steel, wood) are lost by disposing in this way, the mixed materials take an enormous amount of time to break down which can also present health and environmental risks.

Mattresses that end up in landfill only start to decompose after 15 years but elements such as polyurethane foam (PU) can take up to 100 years, and steel springs over 50 years to decompose Landfill capacity in Ireland is decreasing, it is estimated that there are just 11 years consented municipal waste landfill capacity remaining. In line with Waste Management Policy in Ireland contained in “A Resource Opportunity” which “provides a roadmap on how Ireland will move away from an over dependence on landfill by putting in place the most appropriate technologies and approaches to reduce waste, while at the same time maximising the resources that we can recover from waste.”

Boomerang Recycling is helping to divert from landfill and recover the valuable materials contained in post-consumer mattresses. This also benefits the environment, reduces CO2, lessens the use of primary raw materials and contributes to a more circular economy.

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