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Providing training and work opportunities for long-term unemployed people

opportunity2Boomerang Recycling operates as a social enterprise model. The deconstruction of mattresses is a labour intensive, time consuming task and therefore requires a high labour input. Social enterprises generally devote activities and re-invest any surpluses to achieve a social, community and in the case of Bommerang an environmental objective.

This model is ideal as it allows the project to support employment of those excluded from the labour market and to up-skill workers though training and opportunities provided in the business. According to the 2013 Report from Forfás: Social Enterprise In Ireland: Sectoral Opportunities And Policy Issues “Social Enterprises are business models set up to tackle social, economic or environmental issues.

While they are driven primarily by social and/or environmental motives, they engage in trading or commercial activities to pursue these objectives and produce social and community gain.” There are opportunities to further diversify the activities of Boomerang Recycling or in addition to set-up new complementary social enterprises to address the reuse and recovery of other post- consumer items.

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