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Supporting businesses in fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities

support2In support of their customers, most retailers of beds offer a take back scheme when someone is purchasing a new bed. However, heretofore many of the post-consumer mattresses were being disposed of in landfill.

Boomerang Enterprises offers these retailers an opportunity to dispose of their stock of used mattresses in a responsible and transparent way, knowing that every effort is being made to recover the materials contained in the mattresses for recycling and reuse. Ireland and the EU in general has a high dependency on imports of raw materials. There is concern that many valuable raw materials are being lost through improper treatment.

Many more initiatives are required with ambitious targets such as in the electronic and electrical streams through WEEE. We need to move towards a more sustainable consumption pattern and this means prioritising action according to the most favoured option in the waste hierarchy – see under Waste as a Resource. “The use of secondary raw materials contributes to resource efficiency, to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to the preservation of the environment. “ European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials.

The 2014 Chambers Ireland Corporate Social Responsibility Awards took place on Thursday 18th September 2014 see list of winners: responsibility-awards/

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