All mattresses and items of furniture that are collected or received at our facilities are logged on delivery and a Waste Acceptance Note  is completed as part of our recording system.

Items are deconstructed manually using specialist cutting tools which allow the materials to be segregated accurately for onward processing.

The mattresses are deconstructed and stripped down. The materials sorted in their various component parts – for example springs can be re-used where suitable or are recycled and wood from the bases can be re-used or is chopped into kindling and sold.

Boomerang is working on finding appropriate recycling opportunities for the re-use and recycling of the textiles which range from horsehair, to foam, polyester and cotton. This may include the production of geotextiles for automotive insulation, housing insulation as new raw materials for other products e.g. boxing bags. There may be opportunities for other businesses to diversity and we would really like to support local business in Cork.

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