Frequently Asked Questions about Mattress Recycling

What brought the project about?
The Boomerang Recycling project emanated from a germinal idea during a Global Action Plan training that Cork Environmental Forum ran in Farranree, where participants expressed that they would like to see some project develop in the Northside of the city that would have a recycling/ reuse focus and would provide employment opportunities. Following that a Seminar on Community Enterprise was held in Farraenferris in November 2012. A steering group evolved with a number of partners and a lengthy period of examining possibilities ensued. One of the partners, SMILE Resource Exchange, informed the group of a mattress recycling project in Dublin and their belief that this model could be mirror imaged in Cork
What condition should the mattress be in for recycling?
Our process is carried out manually and for this reason the mattress needs to be dry and as clean as possible,
What happens to the materials and how are they recycled?
Once the deconstruction process is complete the Metals are sent to steel mills for further processing, to be smelted down and reused as a raw material.
Can I bring my mattress to your facility?
Yes. Domestic customers are required to call the office at (021) 4396332 during business hours 9.30am -12.30pm and talk to a member of staff to arrange delivery/ or collection.  
Do you provide a collection service for my mattress?
We presently offer a collection service for commercial businesses only. For residential collections, we would recommend that you call the office 021/4396332 during business hours and talk to a member of staff.
How does Boomerang Recycling benefit my community?
Every Year in Ireland approximately 800.000 mattress and bed bases are disposed of, our aim is to divert as much of this material as possible from landfill. A key aim of the project is to provide employment and training, staff members have already benefited from the regular work pattern and from a range of training including Health & Safety, Fire Safety, training on de-constructing mattresses and how to use a baler and other power tools Within the project there is a focus on the provision of up-skilling and training of workers. Additional training options for workers to strengthen their job opportunities at the end of the 12 months on the scheme with Boomerang.
How does mattress recycling work?
At Boomerang Recycling our mission is to recycle as much as possible. That’s why we deconstruct mattresses by hand rather than shredding them.
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